Team of editors

Martin Ebers (editor in chief), Marta Gamito Cantero, Michael Kolain, Hannah Ruschemeier

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The RAILS blog serves as a platform for debates and research trends in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence. Our goal is to make relevant scientific topics accessible to the broader public and thus contribute to an informed dialogue about the societal opportunities and risks of those new technologies. Both RAILS members and external authors provide information, theses and opinions.

Editorial Guidelines

  • Articles should generally be 1000 – 1500 words long. Editors might ask for or suggest your article to be shortened otherwise.
  • Although the articles should be addressed to a scientifically interested audience, they should not be scientific essays. We expect our authors to strive for an understandable, comprehensible and accessible writing style. You should explain your basic terms and concepts in simple language instead of presupposing the readers to be familiar with them. Texts from science journalism, popular science or textbooks for beginners can serve as models for articles.
  • Part of the editorial offer is that we proofread and copy edit all articles before publishing them. This is not to be misunderstood as an interference in the author’s creative process, but rather seen as a free service and review: we want to assist the authors in making their ideas as clear to their readers as possible. In addition, we can help to identify potential for cutting down the length of a text. We do not make any changes to the content, but instead try to achieve an optimal linguistic standard – in dialogue with the authors.
  • We reserve the right to modify or – in consultation with the authors – change suggestions for titles and subtitles if this seems suitable for editorial reasons.
  • No footnotes, please. However, hyperlinks to other content are useful and permitted.
  • We publish all contributions under the Creative Common License CC BY-NC-ND. By submitting an item to us, you consent to its use in this form. A remuneration of the authors is not provided.
  • A second use of the articles is allowed and welcomed. However, you should always refer to the first publication in the RAILS blog and link to the text if necessary. We are also open to considering cross-posts from other platforms if suitable.